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On our blog you can find hundreds of articles. We took all the feedback and questions we received, to create products to teach how to best work in a more organized way.

We have created a few email courses for the subjects people find more interesting.

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Do you want to learn more about parsers?

We spend a lot of our professional life building parsers and things around them. We love them and some people even think we are a bit obsessed about them. They are wrong.

Actually, they are right, but if you want, in the coming days we are going to show you why we find them so interesting. Maybe you will see their appeal, too.

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Do you want to create programming languages?

As developers programming languages are the greatest tool we have to make the things we love, or that we need to do anyway to make a living.

However, the more you use them, the more you find little flaws and things you will do differently. Almost inevitably, it comes the point where you think about trying to do things your way.

In all honesty, trying to create a new general programming language it is probably a terrible idea. Not because it is hard, it has actually become quite easy. The problem is persuading other people to use it.

However, you can probably make a Domain Specific Language to help your company or a small community of like-minded users.

Whatever you plan to do, you can start your journey toward becoming a creator of programming languages here.