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What is a DSL?

A Domain Specific Language (DSL) is a language created to support a particular set of tasks as they are performed in a specific domain.

Why create a DSL?

Many companies have people who know what your software should do (the experts), and they have other people who know how to write software (the developers). Still, those two are very different groups of people and making them work together is not easy.

What are the struggles without DSLs?

Communication Challenges

You spend a lot of energy making your experts and your developers communicate. You try every trick in the book! You use analysts to try to bridge the gap, and you write long documents of requirements that are a pain to write and difficult, or even impossible, to keep updated.

Long feedback cycles

You need to go back and forth: developers ask for clarifications and experts get frustrated. Developers get frustrated with receiving ideas that look half-baked to them. They miss the necessary details, prove incomplete and confused when trying to translate them into code.

Extended time-to-market

The process takes way longer than it should be: the ideas look simple, according to your experts, but it takes months at best to translate them into actual code. You won’t be able to react very quickly to the demand: this will cost you time and money.


Everyone makes mistakes, but some errors could be prevented if the experts had a system to analyze their work. It is when developers translate the experts’ ideas into code that you can “debug” them. Errors found late cost so much more than if you found them immediately.

It is nobody’s fault!

The experts understand the subject but cannot code, and developers can code but do not understand the subject.

Everybody is forced to work outside their own area of expertise, and this leads to problems and frustration.

“What are the capabilities of a DSL?”

Reduced Feedback Cycles

Experts can experiment. The DSL editor provides immediate feedback.

Shorter Time to Market

Iterations are much faster, and you can build your products more quickly.

Reduced Errors

The DSL is a high-level language that captures many mistakes, even conceptual ones.

Increase Productivity

The DSL abstracts away technological details and can make experts 10x more productive.

Preserve Knowledge

Code is knowledge, and DSL code can be preserved across technological evolutions.

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The Lessons

The course is divided into three parts.

Plus a bonus part with examples and interviews of other experts.

Where is the Catch?
Designing a DSL is complicated.

If we had to sum up the design problem in one phrase, it would be this: you have to solve the communication problem once and for all.

The first step is to understand what experts can and want to do.
Then, you need to abstract out the computer science aspects from these elements so you can give experts a tool that they can use on their own.

For example, imagine you are helping companies manage accounting for international companies.

Your Tax DSL needs to have a concept of tax brackets to calculate marginal taxes so that your expert accountants can define the appropriate ones for each country and keep them updated.

To allow that, your developers need to implement the code for marginal taxations and tax brackets in a traditional programming language.

Once these basic elements are implemented they are available in the DSL for use by experts. 

Designing a DSL is a process, not a recipe.

There is no recipe to design a DSL: there is no standard solution to apply each time the same. Based on our experience, we have elaborated a process to implement an effective way to create a tool. A series of steps to make your company come together and create the tool that will make you more productive.

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Learn to create powerful DSLs!

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What exactly would you like to accomplish with your DSL?

What would make a DSL powerful for your users?

Finding the answer to this question is not trivial; you need a thoughtful and deliberate process to find what your users care about, what the main tasks they want to accomplish, and what they do in their day-to-day work… It is the first step to designing an effective DSL that users will love.

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Learn to create powerful DSLs!

  • Subtitles and transcripts of all lessons in the video course
  • You can download all the slides used in the video course.
  • Access to examples and interviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

Under which conditions do you sell the video course?

We provide a 100% guarantee. We are confident in the quality of our products because hundreds of people have already bought them.

This is why we can offer a solid guarantee.
If you are not satisfied, you can get a 100% refund, no explanation is required. You just send us an email.

How can we help you after completing the course?

After completing the course, you will know how to create and implement a DSLs solutions. Despite that, in certain cases, we understand that it can be difficult to Audit & Analyse your own company, and we can provide you with two options:
1. 1to1 Strategy Consulting, a 90-minute high-level consulting to support you in analysing your scenario, taking care of all your company peculiarities.
2. Audit & Analysis, this is the case where together we can analyse your company situation and understand how to support your organization to build an effective solution.

Anything else you could help me with?

Typically, our clients buy a parser to use as part of larger systems. Sometimes, they have all the internal skills they need to integrate the parser into their systems; in some other cases, they ask us for training courses, support with the architectural design, or the implementation of the entire system. We are specialists in Language Engineering, and we can offer all these supporting services to ensure you reach your goals.

Order now!
Learn to create powerful DSLs!

  • Subtitles and transcripts of all lessons in the video course
  • You can download all the slides used in the video course.
  • Access to examples and interviews