Federico Tomassetti
Founder of Strumenta

He has got his PhD in Language Engineering studying between Italy and Germany. In his role as a Software Architect he helps Clients and Partners to assess their situation and identify the best option to solve their problem. He is very passionate about Language Engineering and he contributes to the community by writing articles, participating in Program Committees of different conferences, giving presentations and interviewing other actors in this field.

Maurizio Taverna
Language Engineer

He is a software engineer with 15+ years of experience in software development for the Banking and Financial industry.

He works close to the customers to ensure that design, architecture and implementation have a real positive impact on the clients project.

Alessio Stalla
Language Engineer

He designs and builds languages and supporting tools. Most of the time, you can find him crafting textual or projectional editors/IDEs, static analysis tools or model-to-model transformations. Occasionally, he runs around trying to squash strange bugs hidden in legacy codebases.
Also, between projects, he writes articles on Strumenta’s blog about what he’s learned.

Gabriele Tomassetti
Language Engineer

He started developing software to make a football management simulation and never stopped, although now he works on more useful software.

He loves C# and Kotlin, but he can handle a few other languages.

Lorenzo Addazi
Language Engineer

He is a freshman among Software Language Engineers at Strumenta, eager to get his hands dirty and build great things. Passionate about Model-Driven and Language Engineering, he also likes to explore other topics, from Game Programming to Deep Learning.

In his free time, you can find him contributing to open-source projects, watching The Office, reading camper catalogs or playing as handball goalkeeper.

Elisa Costantini

Elisa Costantini
Marketing Manager

She is a strategic Marketing Manager, working in this field since 2013. She helps organisations to structure and implement a Marketing Strategy. She has got her Master’s Degree between Italy and The United Kingdom.

She is passionate about art and architecture and she loves to travel around the world. She has the attitude and passion to learn about new tech things.

Martin Azpillaga
Language Engineer

With a background in mathematics, he enjoys facing challenging problems. Particularly, creating tools that enhance the productivity of professionals. These have included visual programming and testing interfaces for artists and small useful automations in the healthcare space. Now, his focus is on refining programming language tools under the philosophy that “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”.

When away from computers, he likes to go on adventures and get surprised by nature. Play with animals, kids and learn from all kinds of humans. Improvise on the piano and relax with a fine cocktail in the evening.

Tracey Walsh
Account & Project

Tracey is a warm person who enjoys working in client facing roles. She loves to look after the needs of customers.

Previous roles as an account and partnership manager have involved creating great relationships with customers and internal teams. With a degree in Audio Visual Media she possesses some technical knowledge.  She spent time working on a startup. She loved the different roles that brought, such as project management and business development. 

Krisztina Fekecs
Administrative Assistant

She deals with all the operations related to administration and accounting activities, as well as human resources.

Her main objective is to make the team’s work and collaboration as organised and focused as possible. She also takes care of the management of company sites.

Past members

Fabio Moriero
Language Engineer

He has been working as a Java software developer mainly for the automotive field. Now he is thrilled to be starting a new path in Language Engineering, a world which he first discovered during his Bachelor’s years by working on a transpiler between two modelling languages.

His first love was C, but life goes on and now Kotlin is knocking at the door. Music and hot drinks keep him fueled during coding sessions.

Keara O’Connor
Project Manager

Trained in PRINCE2 and Agile Methodologies, she helps to manage projects through the process and she is normally the standard point of contact for projects, managing client communications and reporting of progress.