Are you looking for the right component to build your transpiler?

Our ready-to-go parsers will speed up the process.

Whatever the reason for having a parser: building a transpiler or analysing your code, we can offer a specific solution for you.

We’ve identified several reasons why you are motivated to build a parser, all reasonable and understandable. In our professional experience, we’ve seen a lot of clients struggling to build parsers for their needs.
Do you recognize yours?


Mostly, you could need a parser to build a transpiler and migrate from your original language to another target language of your choice.


You want to analyse the original code base: the structure, the complexity or the performance of the code and find out errors inside the original code base.


Do you want to identify and extract information from your original language? You will identify queries, and extract diagrams or statistics.

Company standards

Lastly, you might need to understand if your code reflects your company’s standards policy and you can extract the needed documentation for that with our ready-to-go parser.

We feel your struggle because we have been there supporting our clients.

Sometimes you don’t realize that you are using an old language built with complex logic and difficult to integrate. As it could be a fundamental asset for your performance and development, it is crucial to provide a successful migration to a modern language.

Building a parser could be critical if you don’t have the right skills and knowledge, especially of certain languages, which could be very difficult to support.

We will support and assist you along all the steps of your project. We will able to provide you with a ready-to-go parser to analyze your code base effectively, generating documentation, statistics and diagrams or to build your transpiler.

Why the “Strumenta approach” works?

Faster Implementation

Our ready-to-go parsers are ready to be implemented in your infrastructure. Allowing you to focus on building the transpiler, editor or anything you are looking to realize with our parser.

Easy integration & Support

All technical aspects are covered by us. You buy the license and we provide support, documentation and best practices, supporting you through all the processes.

Full documentation & Tested

We provide a ready-to-go parser fully tested and with full documentation. You will have everything you need to easily implement the parser into your infrastructure.

Starlasu Methodology

This applied methodology enables the development of language-processing tools as
configurable pipelines through a collection of runtime libraries.

Why buy a ready-to-go parser?

In some cases, there are open-source parsers available, so why consider buying a commercial one?
You need a parser that has been thoroughly tested, which is documented and someone to call in case you encounter any problems.
We are experts and we have built tons of parsers for our clients. This means that we completely understand the importance of this component and we have a solid methodology.

We cover the following solutions:

Beyond these following solutions, we are developing other ready-to-go parsers; if you don’t find what you are looking for, please get in touch with us.

How I can learn more?
Do you have questions?

Let’s have a chat! Schedule a meeting with us, and we will answer all your questions about our parsers, explain in detail our solution, and the conditions and we will be available to answer all your questions.


We are confident in the quality of our products because hundreds of people have already bought them. This is why we can offer full support during the entire process; we will be there to support you.

Strumenta Playground

Strumenta Playground is where you can evaluate the parser we build online.
With the Strumenta Playground you can discover all the features of the parser and then decide to buy it. You can register and try to have a look at the uploaded examples. You can choose among a number of open-source examples source files and look at the output of the parser for that file – an AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) representing the logical structure of the input file.

How does the Strumenta Licensed Parser work?

After the discovery meeting, we will send you the Licensed Parser proposal, and we will be ready to start.

Frequently Asked Questions

Under which conditions do you offer the parser?

We provide a commercial license. You will get access to the documentation, tests, and build scripts used to develop the parser itself. You can choose a Standard License or a Distribution License. Included with it, you will also get our support. During the support period, we will fix any possible bug you encounter. After the first period of support, we will be able to provide more support, if you wish, with our guarantee & support packages, which will ensure our support and the new releases of the tool.

How can I evaluate it?

We created a web application specifically to let you test the parser. You will have the possibility to navigate a list of pre-defined examples and see the corresponding AST produced. The web application will render the AST and let you navigate it so that you can more easily familiarize yourself with the AST produced.
The application is called Strumenta Playground. You can navigate a set of examples and examine the output the parser produces for those examples.

Anything else you could help me with?

Typically our clients buy a parser to use as part of larger systems. Sometimes they have all the internal skills they need to integrate the parser into their systems, in some cases, they ask us for training courses, support with the architectural design, or the implementation of the entire system. We are specialists in Language Engineering and can offer all these supporting services to ensure you reach your goals.

How I can learn more?
Do you have questions?

Let’s have a chat! Schedule a meeting with us, and we will answer all your questions about our parsers, explain in detail our solution, and the conditions and we will be available to answer all your questions.