Services we offer based on ANTLR

We build parsers based on ANTLR. We can provide parsers written in C++, Python, Javascript, C#, Java, or any other language supported by ANTLR. If you have the specifications of an existing language, or some examples we can create, test and deliver to you a parser that we guarantee to work.

We can a design new language and create a corresponding parser using ANTLR.

We have experience both creating General Purpose Languages (i.e., the common programming languages), and Domain Specific Languages or DSLs. They are languages created to serve efficiently a specific and limited purpose (i.e., HTML, Latex).

We can review existing ANTLR grammars, fix issues on those grammars and improve them for you.

We can port grammars written in older versions of ANTLR or using other systems (hand-made parsers, lex & yacc, JavaCC) to ANTLR.

We can extend and refactor existing ANTLR grammars.

We can build additional tools based on ANTLR grammars, such as auto-completion services.

Why working with us

  • We are the authors of the ANTLR Mega Tutorial. The ANTLR Mega tutorial  is read by thousands of developers every month and used in university courses in several countries.
  • We created the video-course “Using ANTLR like a professional”. Using ANTLR like a professional is the best advanced resource currently available on ANTLR. It has been purchased by hundreds of developers.
  • We are specialized in ANTLR consulting. We had the possibility to work with tens of companies spread across the world, including some Fortune 500. We have built over and over projects based on ANTLR. It means we have clear and tested processes to handle these projects. We are also very well aware of the challenges and strategies necessary to make these projects successful. This is why we are confident we can guarantee our work.
  • We created the ANTLR Kotlin Target– We know very well not just how to use ANTLR but also how it works internally. Thanks to this we were able to create a new target for ANTLR, so that it can now generate cross-platform Kotlin code. From your ANTLR grammar you can now get a single parser that can run on the JVM and on the browser.

How we work

We offer fixed prices and guaranteed results.

Why is this the case?

Because we think you should be able to take a business decision knowing what you will get and exactly how much it will cost to you.

No risks or uncertainty: we will take care of that. As simple as that.


Our experience with Federico and his company was a pleasure from beginning to end.  They were very knowledgeable, delivered a professional result when and as promised, and were very responsive dealing with modifications.

Michael Gursky Equeum

Cannot recommend you enough, working with you was simple, easy and efficient. The screen definitions I needed parsing had a few non modern constructs, such as special handling dependent on line column position and the delivered grammar handled that with aplomb. Delivery included a full suite of tests and extensive documentation including easy to understand comments.

Graham Cunningham Heirloom Computing

Strumenta helped us understand better the complexity and challenges of developing lexers and parsers. We highly appreciate the promptness of the delivery, the quality of the code changes, and the professionalism of their services. If given a chance, we will gladly select them for another project that will be of need of their expertise.

Marlon Jose Masbad Brady