Domain Specific Languages

Domain Specific Languages bring some key benefits to organizations

1. Reduced Feedback cycles

Domain experts and developers do not understand each other.

The feedback cycle is way too long and when developers present a result to your domain experts they shake their head: this is not what they expected.

By using a DSL domain experts and developers can collaborate: feedback cycles are reduced dramatically and you can ship in weeks what used to take months.

2. Shorter time-to-market

You are developing a specific kind of applications but each time is almost like restarting from scratch.

Your time to market is way too high.

With a well-crafted DSL you can reduce development time by 10-20 times. You will be able to react very quickly to the demand, evolving your product or service at a pace which is unimaginable with traditional development methods.

Incidentally, also your costs would reduce accordingly. 

3. Increased productivity

Consider the cost of your personnel. How much would be worth to get the 10% more from them? What will happen if instead they became 10 times more productive?

Research and my personal experience show that 20x in productivity is possible, in some cases

More productivity means different things. It means lower costs, but it also mean less time spent to recruiting personnel, it means smaller teams and less communication costs.