In many of our projects we use ANTLR and it enables us to do wonderful things.

So thought about putting together a resource to get you started with ANTLR, and to make it super affordable.

Something to Go Beyond the Basics

Learning to use a new technology is an exciting process: your imagination is filled with all the things you are going to build. But it can also be frustrating. This is why we are here to help you make your journey to learn ANTLR as smooth as possible.

Learning a new technology well is a long process. You start with the basic syntax but you need to move on to understand patterns and gain experience to better take advantage of it.

Our (very, very long!) ANTLR Mega Tutorial will help you get started. It has been linked by thousands of websites and can help you start your ANTLR path, by teaching you the syntax and the basic structure of ANTLR software.

The next step is learning the patterns and understanding the best way to work with ANTLR. We have created an entire course to help you with that. It is a course dedicated to professional development: it is exhaustive, therefore it can be a bit overwhelming and it has a significant cost. It is worth the price if you want to use ANTLR in your work. However, many of our readers want to learn ANTLR for their personal projects. Or perhaps they want to assess it in a small project, before taking the decision to move to the next level.

We know this because people send us emails with their questions and problems. We think we have a good grasp of the common issues and gotchas people encounter when they first try to learn it. And we try to help them. However, this takes time, and we cannot reach everybody.

So, we built an alternative way to help them, too. It is our ANTLR FAQ and Cheatsheet. It is not a full course, but it is a quick way to learn about common issues and useful patterns that you can use after you read our ANTLR tutorials. 

You know the moment when you have learned the basics and you just wonder what you need to know to work on a real project? This is the content for that moment. It saves you a few days of trial and error and scouring the web for answers. We believe this offers the best return for the smallest investment. A resource that can help you speed up your learning just when you are about to create something real.

It contains a curated list of the most common questions about ANTLR and a Cheatsheet containing a reference for rules and commands in ANTLR.


We are confident in the quality of our products, because hundreds of people have already bought it. This is why we can offer a solid guarantee.

If you are not satisfied you can get a 100% refund, no explanation required. You just send us an email.

ANTLR FAQ And Cheatsheet

  • Cheatsheets for creating ANTLR grammars, with a reference for lexer and parser rules, actions, etc.
  • ANTLR FAQ with a curated list of questions and answers involving common issues, useful patterns and how to approach more advanced problems in PDF and EPUB formats