We offer Language Engineering services

We design new languages or provide the suited tools to extract more values from existing languages.
Our goal is to give companies the opportunity to simplify their processes and offer services to increase professionals efficiency and productivity. We want better leverage the competencies you have, and help you with the tools that allow you to do this.

We offer Domain Specific Language services & Editors

If you need to identify errors and incoherence and you are not a developer


We build smart editors for professionals (not only for developers), using notations to make them easy to use: textual, graphical, tabular, and drag-and-drop.
These editors catch errors and guide users, supporting them in reasoning.
We can build solutions that run on the desktop or in the browser, and support collaboration among colleagues.

Domain Specific Languages (DSL)

We design and implement languages tailored to support your processes. We design Web Editors based on DSL, able to identify errors, incoherence and with intelligent autocomplete. We build also all the necessary infrastructure: editors, code generators, compilers, and simulators. Our goal is to deliver complete solutions.
We use different technologies like Jetbrains MPS, and ANTLR for custom solutions.
Learn more about our DSL services

We offer Legacy Modernization services

If you need a parser for new languages or existing languages, interpreters and transpilers

Parsers & ANTLR Consulting

We can design parsers for new languages, or rewrite parsers for existing languages built in-house.
Our favourite tool for building parsers is ANTLR. We offer several consulting services around ANTLR.
We also offer a selection of ready-to-go parsers.


We build interpreters: programs that read code and execute it immediately. For example, interpreters that execute code written in old languages (COBOL, RPG, PL/SQL, SAS, etc.) on the JVM. We can also build interpreters for newly designed scripting languages or small languages created for specific tasks (like printing labels).


We design transpilers (also named translator or code converters) that will help you to translate old languages into new languages, to migrate from an old platform to a new one. We can support you to modernize your code and infrastructures.

Consulting, Coaching & Workshop

If you need our support and expertise at your service with a flexible and practical solution

Consulting & Coaching

This solution is ideal if you need a precise and punctual answer to your questions or you need a boost to quickly start your project. We offer several options of Consulting & Coaching Packages, single hours, 5 hours or 10 hours.
If you need a larger hours package please send an e-mail at info@strumenta.com

You can discover our options here.


We offer sessions of workshops to understand and analyze your needs before running a full project; to maintain the scope of work flexible and adaptable, to get your hands dirty and start operating on your own code.

Our workshops are mostly tailored to our customer’s need, we also offer a standard package at 9.700 €.

We offer Educational services

If you need our experience in your strategic projects we bring the knowledge to you


We offer training on all the different aspects of Language Engineering. We can analyze your needs and identify a solution tailored to your necessity in terms of topic, level, number of people, exercises or demo.

Our training is tailored to our customer’s need and they are in a price range between 5.000 € and 15.000 €.


We have a Professional ANTLR video course; an ANTLR FAQ & Cheatsheet, a curated list of Q&A involving common issues and tons of articles to support you on all different aspects of Language Engineering.

We have a blog where you will find a wide selection of articles on Language Engineering topics, an ANTLR Mega Tutorial and tons of other tutorials.

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