Domain Specific Languages (DSL)

We design and implement languages tailored to support your processes. We build also all the necessary infrastructure: editors, code generators, compilers, simulators. Our goal is to deliver complete solutions.

We use different technologies like Jetbrains MPS, Xtext, and ANTLR for custom solutions.

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Parsers & ANTLR consulting

We can design parsers for new languages, or rewrite parsers for existing languages built in house.

On top of parsers we can then help building interpreters, compilers, code generators, documentation generators, or transpilers (also named translators or code converters) to other languages.

Our favorite tool for building parsers is ANTLR. We offer several consulting services around ANTLR.

We also offer off-the-shelf parsers, such as our Cobol parser.


We can develop editors integrated with existing IDEs, like Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA.
We can also build standalone editors running on desktop or on the web.

Code generators

We can develop generators to produce code, documentation, XML files, or other artifacts.
They can be used alone or as part of a more rich modeling pipeline in which information is obtained by various sources, transformed and then use to generate some output of interest.

Interpreters & Compilers

We can write interpreters, compilers and transpilers running on the web or the desktop.
We can write compilers that produce JVM bytecode, WebAssembly, or native code, by using LLVM.

Natural language processing

We can build the software you need to better understand, organize and evaluate your data


We offer training on all the different aspects of Language Engineering. We can deliver it in person (within Europe) and remotely.

How to Work Together

For more complex projects you can contact us, we can schedule a call and see how to move forward.
If instead you want to get started as quickly as possible, or you have a short engagement in mind, we offer packages you can buy right now.


If you want to get things moving as quickly as possible, you can go ahead and order these engagements. In this way we can start analyzing your problem and provide suggestions and solutions.
You will receive the instruction to schedule the initial call.

Roadmapping Analysis for Language Engineering projects

This initial assessment permits us to start talking and looking at your problem. Our intent at this stage is to provide clarity.

The prices include European VAT where needed. We will send you a proper invoice by email.
For any question you can contact

Coaching and Training

We offer different packages of Coaching and Training.
During these engagements we will train your personnel and share with them the best practices we use.
We will also be available to revise your projects and provide suggestions on the specific cases.
You will receive the instruction to schedule the initial call.
If requested by the Client we can offer our standard mutual NDA included in those packages. We will not sign other NDAs as part of these packages.

Coaching and Training:
Single session

The right choice to one-off advices or to try our service before committing to more inclusive packages.

The cost is € 247

Coaching and Training:
5 hours package

Getting started setting up simple projects, get basic training on Language Engineering technology.

The cost is € 987

Coaching and Training
10 hours package

The most convenient package. Ideal if you want more support in your project.

The cost is € 1790

The prices include European VAT where needed.
We will send you a proper invoice by email. For any question you can contact

Contact Us

We will get back at you as soon as possible with more questions or suggesting a meeting.

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