There is one thing that unites us at Strumenta and it is passion.

We help companies solve complex problems more efficiently by providing specific languages and tools.
We design new languages or provide the suited tools to extract more values from existing languages.
Join us to develop the tool of the future, the tool to succeed!
View open vacancies here. If you don’t see a suitable position for you or you are not able to apply now but would you like to do so in the future, you can send your application here, we will get in touch when we have the right opportunity.

It’s time to get to know each other!

There are two values that guide us

Unresting students

Further education and training is of great importance at Strumenta. We are constantly learning and improving ourselves. We provide learning and development budget for each member of the team.

Reliably steady

We do what we promise we will do. We will not hurry to do things because of an unreasonable deadline. We strive for relaxed, trustworthy partnerships between us and our clients and collaborators.

Join us in a 4-step

Fill the questionnaire

If you want to work with us, you can fill out the questionnaire provided on the role page. As part of the questionnaire, you will be able to share your CV/resume and links to your projects (if available). The questionnaire could be different depending on the job role.

1st Interview

If we like your questionnaire, you will be contacted for a quick first call. This call will be in English, with an English native speaker. This will allow us to understand your level of English.


We will ask you to work on a coding assignment. The submitted code will be used exclusively for the evaluation. To thank you for your time, we will provide a copy of our video course on parsing and a physical book from Manning.


After reviewing the test project, we will invite selected candidates for a 90-minute interview with our Language Architect, our Project Manager, and two of your future peers.

View open vacancies and join us!

Take a look at the opportunities to join Strumenta! we will be delighted to consider your application!

If you don’t see a suitable position for you or you are not able to apply now but would you like to do so in the future, please fill out this form and we will get in touch when we have the right opportunity.

Our culture

We do not believe in being always reachable and in reactive mode. We believe in working on the agreed number of hours and enjoying time off the rest of the time. We do not believe in working under pressure.

We offer flexible hours: while we expect to offer a certain number of hours each week to be available for meetings, everyone is able to organize their own time.

We offer a budget for training every year. We are small but well organized. We do not wing it and surprise our clients or colleagues. We are treated as experts by our clients and we are appreciated. Everyone at the company works remotely. We believe in team spirit instead of rigid hierarchies.

How will we succeed?

1. We use research and dissemination to reflect on what we do and teach it to others. We run a successful blog with articles read by thousands of people to share our knowledge, we create the Strumenta Community and the Virtual Meetup, and we write a weekly newsletter with tips and everything useful about Language Engineering.

2. We work on simple, reliable processes which we can perform with a small team and work best for small and medium clients. Off-the-shelf products are a way to deliver simpler solutions.

Do you have questions about our selection process?

You can contact us by email at