Unless otherwise noted, these offers are open to people with fiscal residence in Italy.

About Strumenta s.r.l.

Strumenta is a consulting company specialized in Language Engineering. We create parsers, transpilers, interpreters, compilers and Domains Specific Languages for our clients, which are everywhere in the world.

We use technologies like JetBrains MPS, Xtext and ANTLR to develop solutions to improve the productivity of companies.

Software Engineer for Language Engineering

Job Description

Do you want to work remotely as a consultant in the field of Language Engineering? Do you want to work with  autonomy and broad responsibility? Do you like the idea of working with international clients? Is the life/work balance important to you?

Then Strumenta has a job offer for you.

Strumenta is searching for an analyst programmer who is able to work autonomously, communicating directly with the client. The person will take directly of both developing and managing the relationship with the client.

You do not need to already be an expert in Language Engineering. After a training period the developer should be able to analyze the clients’ needs to manage and create language engineering projects.

The work will be performed remotely, but it is necessary to have fiscal residence in Italy. It might be necessary to occasionally meet with clients, within Europe and North America. Such trips will be short and only needed to meet the client and his team, the development will be done remotely.

The initial contract proposed is for 6 months. At the end of 6 months, if both parties are willing to continue the collaboration, the contract will become a full-time permanent contract.

The annualized gross pay (RAL in Italian) will be between  30 000 and 38 000€.

This job search is offered to member of both sexes (Legge 903/77 e 125/91). It is required to give an explicit consent to manage your personal information (ex D.Lgs 196/03).

Required skills

  • 3-5 years of working experience
  • in-depth knowledge of Java
  • in-depth knowledge of recent testing practices and the main programming paradigms
  • fluency in spoken and written English (+90% clients are outside Italy)
  • ability to manage project and to communicate with clients independently

Welcome skills

  • in-depth knowledge of C++ , Kotlin and C#
  • knowledge of ANTLR, Bison, Lex, Xtext and JetBrains MPS
  • knowledge of DSLs
  • knowledge of French

Send your job application

You can send CV and other files in a safe way using file hosting services (e.g., Firefox Send, Dropbox, etc.)