ANTLR Services

We use ANTLR on a daily basis to build several products.

We use it first of all to build parsers. If you need a parser to be built from scratch you can visit this page: parser services.

We also use ANTLR as a component to build transpilers, compilers and interpreters, editors.

We also offer services specific to ANTLR:

  • Reviews of existing ANTLR grammars
  • Performance improvements for your ANTLR grammar
  • Migration from ANTLR 2 or 3 to ANTLR 4
  • Migration from Lex, Bison, Yacc, or similar tools to ANTLR 4
I need a review of my grammar

I need performance improvements for my grammar

I need a migration from ANTLR 2 or ANTLR 3 to ANTLR 4

I need a migration from some other parsing tool to ANTLR 4

I need something else connected to ANTLR