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Where you will do it from

You will work full-time remotely, as does the whole team so that you can work flexibly, provided your working hours can partially overlap with the rest of the team.

You will be asked to participate in a yearly company retreat typically held in Italy. You may be asked to participate in workshops with clients between 0 and 2 times a year.

Why work at Strumenta?

We believe we can be attractive to the right candidate because:

  • We do not believe in always being reachable and in reactive mode. We believe in working the agreed number of hours and enjoying time off the rest of the time.
  • We do not believe in working under pressure. We believe that when our team members are stressed something is wrong in the way the company works and should be corrected.
  • We offer flexible hours: while we expect to offer a certain number of hours each week to be available for meetings, everyone is able to organize their own time. If you want to take a 3 hours break to have lunch with a friend and then take a long walk, we do not need to know, provided you do your job
  • We offer a budget for training of 1K euros year
  • We are small but well organized. We do not wing it and surprise our clients or colleagues. This means you should not expect last-minute requests
  • We are treated as experts by our clients and we are appreciated. We are not borrowed hands
  • Everyone at the company works remotely: there are no first-class and second class citizens