How can we build the
best possible parsers?

A FREE webinar to discuss how we can provide the best parsers on the market.
We will share our experience and best practices!

25th of January 2022
6:00 PM GMT+1 (CET)

What a parser is used for?

You will learn what a parser can be used for. A parser is a key component at the core of several applications. In the webinar we will see which role a parser play in building transpilers, smart editors & more.

Design modern parsers

How a modern parser can be designed to facilitate maintenance? 
Our approach, applied to tons of projects, is based on our experience studying existing parsers our clients built and led to problems.

Open-source technologies

Which open-source technologies can be used for implementation? We will see which open-source components were developed or adopted and how you can use them too.


Discuss some tools we’ve implemented and ideas we’ve to tackle future challenges in building parsers. We’ll look at a web application we’ve created to demonstrate parsers and our polyglot approach to parsers.

zoom Live webinar

25th of January 2022
6:00 PM GMT+1 (CET)

A FREE webinar to discuss how we can provide the best parsers on the market.

With Strumenta Consulting Studio, we had the possibility to work with tens of companies spread across the world, including some Fortune 500. We have built over and over parsers projects. It means we have clear and tested processes to handle these projects. We are also very well aware of the challenges and strategies necessary to make these projects successful. We would like to share our knowledge with you and open a genuine conversation on the best possible way to build a modern parser.

Federico Tomassetti

Software Architect
Founder & CEO at Strumenta

Federico is Founder and CEO at Strumenta a Language Engineering consulting studio. As a Software Architect, he helps Clients and Partners to assess their situation and identify the best option to solve their problems. He is passionate about Language Engineering and he contributes to the community by writing articles, participating in Program Committees of different conferences, giving presentations and interviewing other actors in this field.

Frequently Asked Question

The webinar is entirely FREE?

Yes, the webinar is FREE! We’ve received a lot of help to learn about Language Engineering, so we try to give back when we can some of what we received. “How can we build the best possible parser?” was born from the wish to share our best practices and our professional experience.

Which platform will be used?

The webinar will be hosted on Zoom webinar, you will receive all the instruction once you have completed the registration within 24 hours. In the e-mail you will have the link to access the webinar and all the useful information related to it.

Question & Answer session

There will be a Q&A session at the end of the webinar, during which you will have the opportunity to ask Federico anything parser related. You will find all the instruction in the e-mail you will receive after you confirm your registration.

Do you have questions?

Do you have questions about the webinar? Any technical issues? You are not sure how to proceed? Other doubts?

You can write us and we will figure it out together.
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