Let’s figure this out together

You probably do not work with Language Engineering project every day, so it is difficult to frame exactly your problem.

Well, this is normal. After all, when you go to the doctor you explain what you are experiencing and let the specialist figure it out.

How this work:

We offer the same service.

  • When you press the button below it will bring you to a very simple and straightforward contact form
  • We will revise your request and write back to you
  • If this is a problem for which we can provide the best solution we will arrange a call and discuss it, otherwise, we will give you pointers to move forward
  • After the call three things can happen:
    • We can use one of our standard services, we will then prepare a standard proposal, with fixed prices and guaranteed results
    • We need to prepare a specific proposal for you, with fixed prices
    • We need to investigate the problem further, together. For this, we offer a service called roadmapping

If this sounds a good plan to you, you can fill the questionnaire so we can start working on getting this solved for you.